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close up clown fish = clown fish remind me of my uncle  <3

close up clown fish = clown fish remind me of my uncle ♥

Queen Anglefish. You can see her crown. This was my favorite fish when I used to scuba dive.

My favorite saltwater fish of all time. The beautiful Queen Angelfish. It's name speaks for it.

Large Clown Fish Aquarium-This tank is gorgeous!

The saltwater aquarium fish are some of the most popular aquarium fish in the saltwater hobby.

Orchid Dottyback. Non-aggressive, reef safe, coral safe.

Is a very RARE saltwater fish, found in the Red Sea. Does well in a size tank set up as a Reef tank. Very hardy fish, good beginner fish.

red terror cichlid

Offering Red Terror Festae cichlids for sale daily. Amphilophus festae cichlids are also popular amongst aquarium hobbyists who enjoy the big cichlids.


The Peace Keeper Maroon Clownfish is an exciting new strain of Premnas biaculeatus from Captive-Bred, an ornamental fish breeding company based in Israel.