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    Sticky Paint by Shelley Lovett, childcareland: A different paint for kids to use, less messy and dries shiny! #Paint #Kids #childcareland

    Suminagashi with Kids

    Two ingredient glowing paint recipe that dries glossy and gorgeous!

    {Frozen Edible Paints} Messy & delicious fun?

    Squirt food coloring on doilies, paint with water, dry, and then fold in half twice. Cut into a butterfly shape and add the body with a pipe cleaner. So easy the kids can do it!


    Action Art for Kids :: fun art projects :: messy art projects :: art activities

    Kids art and crafts

    Baby and toddler safe edible TWO ingredient paint recipe. It dries glossy and gorgeous and is fun for all ages.

    Learn to create unique knitted cords for cool bracelets and brooches.

    If you have kids, or even if you have ever been around kids, you know that they just love bubbles. While there are a lot of bubble recipes out there, not all of them will give you bubbles that your kids can actually play with. Most will pop just as soon as you blow them.

    How to make frosting paint - tasty art for kids!

    Fun and creative painting ideas for kids. (Adore those painted feet!)

    DIY :: BIG Bubble Makers. (simple fun for kids :: link www.cometogetherk... : )

    Skip making the house and just decorate it ! Fairy house for kids - even toddlers could make this.

    Coloured Pasta Beads… 1 c. pasta (per color) + 2 T. rubbing alcohol + 2-3 drops food coloring = colored pasta beads

    Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt Visual Aid made from Mrs. Butterworth's!

    Make your own Jello-O bubbles. Fun and easy sensory play for kids of all ages.

    Blow dryer art is the perfect messy play to begin your sensory art journey! Plus, it's a lot of fun for kids.

    Baby Art @Erin Stephey @Brandee Groll @Chandra Eickhoff

    Here's a recipe to make your own watercolor paints. These vivid, non-toxic paints can be used wet or allowed to dry and used like regular watercolor paints. We had great fun making and using them! Materials: 3 Tbs. baking soda 3 Tbs. corn starch 3 Tbs. white vinegar 1-1/2 tsp. light corn syrup food coloring Steps: 1. Mix vinegar, baking soda, corn starch and corn syrup together in a small bowl. 2. Divide the mixture into several small plastic tubs or jar lids. 3. Add six to eight drops of food coloring to each tub or lid then mix. 4. Use Wacky Watercolors as they are or let them dry into hard cakes of paint. If you use them while they're dry, be sure to wet the paintbrush before painting.