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If everyone used as much energy as Americans, we’d run out of oil in 9 years

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

Imagine a world without oil: Infographic

Imagine A World Without Oil: Infographic,

U.S. Oil Consumption Infographic,

Peak Oil Infographic,

OIL - a major factor to our world, to our economy and to our lives It gives so much opportunities for the industry and economy, and at the same time makes us so dependent on it (and on the countries which it comes from). It allows us to have cheap energy bills and run our factories efficiently and at the same time it is so harmful to nature. Can we live without it? What are alternative resources we can use? FOCUS should be on how to replace the oil and coal dependency!

What country will exit oil and coal and old nuclear energy first?? Wind and solar has to be it? Where is the best potential ? Nextgen nuclear power.Thorium has great potential to help removing oil and coal dependancy...

The Impact of High Oil Prices Infographic,

What if BP had spilled Solar Panels instead of Oil? BP's oil spill was the size of Kansas; solar panels the same size could provide enough energy for the US, Central and South America (theoretically speaking, though practically not sure how that could work).

RAN’s new “Top 10 Dirty Corporate Tax Dodgers of 2011” infographic reviewed top bank, oil and coal companies: Bank of America, Citi, JPMorganChase, Wells Fargo, Chevron, Exxon, ConocoPhillips, Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources and Peabody Energy. We found that none of these ten companies paid anything close to the 35% corporate tax rate. In fact, Bank of America and Alpha Natural Resources paid no taxes at all.

from The Economist

Burning their wealth

With domestic electricity demand rising 10% per year in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom now devours more than a quarter of its oil production—nearly three million barrels per day.

Only President Obama has laid out a real strategy to take control of our energy future. And we're already seeing a change: US oil production is the highest in 8 years. And our reliance on oil imports is the lowest in 16 years. Obama's all-of-the-above energy strategy is a real plan to get control of runaway gas prices and cut our reliance on foreign oil.

from The Economist

Saudi America

The economics of shale oil