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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 110 Pics

You actually can turn off the sound on microwaves, so, yeah, there's that. But yes to all the rest.

The truly funny thing about this is that this pipe contains waste water. They were actually doing bacterial testing at Myrtle beach two years ago when we were there. We had to tell them if we contracted anything from swimming in these waters!

Who was the 1st lady to shave her legs & instill in us that hairy legs are gross???? It's her fault we must have hairless legs!!!

me and my girls last night, right Kristin VanStory and Laura Wiedmeier?

Funny Confession Ecard: Girls: ' I like to hang out with guys cause there is less drama' Me: ' I like to hang out by myself- cause there is NO drama & I don't have to wear pants'.

Ahaha three things and counting! One was a fail because I did the brownie in a bowl instead of a mug cuz I didnt have a mug at that point ahah

So that's where Godzilla really came from lol

I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have but it made me laugh too hard to pass up