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  • Robin Mendoza

    TRUTH! Gah, I hate closed-minded people. What makes you better than someone else, that you should deny another person the same right freely given to yourself? Love is Love. PERIOD. It has NOTHING to do with the church. Making other people feel inferior because they are bold enough to be who they want to be and profess their love and commitment is unchristian. Get that straight!

  • Rubi Wirrheim

    Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender... inspirational

  • Peter Hamilton

    Barack Obama quote

  • SnJs Mom

    #lgbt, #gay, #lesbian, #homosexual, #bisexual, #marriage, #rights, #transgender, #freedom, #transsexual, #diversity, #bisexuality, #human, #discrimination, #gender, #sexuality, #respect, #tolerance, #equality, #human rights, #queer, #bi, #transvestites, #lesbians

  • Feeling & Loving

    Barack Obama Instagram pic re gays, lesbian, bisexual, straight & transgender

  • Alora Seitz

    #barackobama #fuck yeah

  • K S

    Barack Obama. Well said.

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