Lab Flower :)

Whatever it takes to get the ball back!

but also love sleeping #GSD in a basket.


don't fit

Want this



hmmmm, something tells me things didn't go as intended.

Ahhh!! :) Adorable lab picture! Pet Photography | Dog | Labrador Retriever

The Ultimate Dog Pool. An inflatable pool designed for dogs, made of sturdy river raft material. Available in different sizes!

Kids and their dogs. So lovely


This is SOOO my sister's dog, Topper, who keeps making her replace trim and drywall...

All Girl


Love it <3

Labrador Retriever Rings, Silver, Black & Gold Plated

Labradors are high shedding dogs. While they are a dream to own, but they certainly leave their mark. Not only on your heart, but also all over your house, furniture, clothes, carpets….. 8-) . Is it