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Amen !

(My life has been one unfair circumstance after another. Being born, born to my mother who didn't love me or protect me, having to survive all the abuse, one unfair thing after another. I fought all my life. Jehovah & my husb & kids, the only good parts. But the unfair & unjust things never stop. I am sooo tired)


Can I get an AMEN.

Ah Ah

I love free speech. SO if you don't like what I say or post, feel free to ignore, mute and/or block me.

It's only tuesday n im already 95% done wit this week! #MarioNda

LOVE this song!

Preach it!!

I think this is what people thought of my granny.

Okay that's just funny!!

Totally true!



The First Step Is To Realize You Have A Problem...lol

All the time

❥ What's a girl to do...

Love my sisters @Daijaaa15 @Almightyjohnson My BestFriends are my sisters