Print so smart I could kick myself for not thinking of it first :)


Sew typo

vintage 3D type...

Amazing Advertising


experimental type

So true!

too true

nice layout

Amazing intricate swirls // Imaginarium on Behance

Cut out ampersand...that handwork...!

so true

Albert Einstein: a pretty smart guy.

This is a piece of deign that i personally think would work amazing with what i am trying to create. this incorporates all the parts of myself and my design that i want people to see. this is defiantly something that i will be looking at in more detail to hopefully be able to create something just as amazing

old type...

Though some of these would be inappropriate to share, some of these fonts would be interesting to show my yearbook class. Creative thinking--love it

Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.


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50 amazing typography art pieces