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Honduran White Bat - Tent Bat

Honduran White Bats

Honduran White Bat (Ectophylla alba). Adorableness in a tiny, white, flying furball <3

Hamster + pid = cute-honduran-white-bat. This cuter cousin of the common bat has white fur and a yellow nose and ears.


Animals With Unusual Fur Markings

Animals With Unusual Fur Markings Supported by:

Bats are not blind. While most bat species use echolocation as a primary sense, all bat species have eyes and are capable of sight. Bats that cannot echolocate have excellent night vision.

Etsyfrom Etsy

the complexity of our task at hand - silver fox and barn owl - Original Giclee Edition Print - 13x19"

lace wing bat

(Okay I know this is not a butterfly but so pretty) Deilephila porcellus.....Elephant Hawkmoth

The original unaltered photo of the red chameleon making its way all over the web. Veiled Chameleon by Michael Molthagen, via Flickr -follow my profile for more pets things!