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"These would make an awesome octopus costume!" -OP

Maybe the giant octopus is smaller on the inside? By Zaf. #tardis #drwho #octopus

This just in: More octopus socks! I did tell you we're obsessed...

Tentacle plugs! I reallyyy need to gauge my ears now :)

Mr Fancy

purple seahorse


Indigo Ink Octopus Legs Ceramic plate, Jessica Howard Ceramics

A customer sent us this photo. Octopuses in love! ♥

Cuttlefish! Also awesome and octopusish.

Scott Musgrove octopus sculpture



Love sharks? Me too!! These Grey Reef sharks are circling that little dingy because moments later yummy tuna heads are going to be delivered to them on a silver platter (silver dive cage anyway) for Spirit of Freedom passengers to happily snap photos!

More kitchen sharks.

i love sharks

sharks & cowboys


The kid in me that was fascinated with sharks and dinosaurs really loves this 3D anatomy model...

Call of Cthulhu

decorative Kraken rum bottle

octopus epaulet

Jellyfish air plant

searching for R'lyeh? Found it!