Bad at Math

"Two "Math for Dummies" at each. That'll be 50 dollars." Why we need math : )

That's why

Why Science Teachers Should Not be Given Playground Duty. too all the teachers i know haha

I like this idea. These are a series of pictures from flickr. Not sure I like these specific ones though. "Bad" math in the everyday world. I think it'd be fun to find some of these and have the students figure out what's wrong with them. Also have them looking for examples in their world (I'd love to have a student bring a picture from their trip to the grocery store or mall!).

BAD MATH- Real Life Bad at Math Pictures! These are great to show your students to let them find the error.

Disney On Ice  *snicker*

Funny pictures about Disney On Ice. Oh, and cool pics about Disney On Ice. Also, Disney On Ice photos.

What’s the Capital of…

Do you know what is the capital of Texas? Watch this image and you will definitely know what is the capital of Texas.

Explain why Calvin is wrong...I really like this! Jumpstart for lots of fun ways to teach math!

Explain why Calvin is wrong. Jumpstart for lots of fun ways to teach math!

Walmart fails math!

Walmart may be one of the most successful companies in history but even they can screw up simple sales signs every now and then. Check out on this list of 22 Funniest Sales Signs of All-Time for a great laugh!

wow i will have to use some of these in math!

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