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Checkbook Cover - Merlin and Arthur. $5.00, via Etsy.

Bradley James and Colin Morgan. This totally reminds me of how Arthur and Merlin would look in modern times...

Merlin & Arthur | These shots of how Merlin cares for Arthur, they make me sad. Which is happy for deep people.

My family and I about died laughing when we saw this episode! oh so good.. :D

"No, I really am that stupid, and if you don't believe me, watch."

WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS? WHY AM I REPINNING THIS?? Except Uther was a butt when he came back!

...I ship Merthur SO HARD. AND BROLIN. either way, they're perfect. FRERARD AND MERTHUR/BROLIN ARE MY OTP's.

Oh Merlin. Poor boy, when will he learn; equality to all BUT Merlin. He shall always be silly, stupid, pathetic, cowardly, smart, brave, amazing Merlin. ;)

“Merlin” spirit companion in the corner of my eye you follow me still

I love how Arthur always says to Merlin he's the worst, and Merlin understands what he really means, but when it counts, when Arthur isn't sure if Merlin will make it, he says what was the underlying message the whole time.

It's Destiny that makes us do it by AlexandarCho crying because this is beautiful. and sad.