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Treat of the Week: Mint Chocolate Vacherin

We have dedicated each Treat of the Week this month to chocolate. The first week we gave you Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Crepe and last week, one of my all time favorites… truffles. This week we lighten things up just a bit with a light and airy meringue base for our dessert. It makes the perfect backd...
  • Annelise Cook

    Mint Chocolate Chip Meringue Stacks

  • Rebecca Ann

    Mint Chocolate Vacherin - (vash-rahn) a french dessert. "...made with whipped cream, but...made w ice cream (too)...delicious (&) really simple to make." ~i keep seeing these this spring & i love the rect. shape & lines of this one. for me, even my milder version of nutella, must be small doses. i cant eat a strong, dark chocolate at all. so this is a fun way to have just a little & meringue is fat free before the cream! sugar flexible, too! my family <3 'ed it. shaping meringue is so fun!

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