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At least he left a note to say goodbye. | 18 Children's Notes Made Hilariously Inappropriate By Spelling Errors

Or a new knock-knock joke. | 27 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Best Friend Jessica Murtagh Dude This is Fab! So us

I do this every morning lol

ROFL...this is hilarious!!!

HA! Yes. Thank you

Too bloody right!

Haha.....but true!

You know you read that in Dory's voice.

Fireball whiskey did not whisper temptations in my ear. It shouted, 'BITCH, YOU GONNA ACT A FOOL!'

LOVE how people try to rewrite the past! Yes he left for you. He will leave you for someone else. YOU are the one who meddled and lied your way between two happy people! Do I mind? No! Thanks for showing me what a lying and cheating, abusive jerk he is and taking him off my hands! Karma is a bitch sweetheart. Unless he already beats you too ;)


Yep. : )

what real best friends talk about


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This just made me laugh out loud.

exactly haha


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Except you. Yours is just fucking stupid.

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