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1993 McDonalds Drive-Thru Menu

Old school McDonald's drive-thru menu. And ck out the prices


I still have mine. the whole set. :) McDonalds sold these Garfield mugs. I believe my mom STILL has these.maybe she'd even give them to me.hmmm zack would say "we dont need anymore damn cups!

1970's grocery store - We had these carts at the store I worked at in high school.

Riding on the bottom of the grocery store shopping carts. If you were there Saturday morning you go to go with, and ride superman style on the bottom of the cart.

The drive-in theater speakers. The one in Sedalia, MO closed in 1980.   Did you wear your pajamas to the drive-in when you were little? Played on the playground under the screen? Took your own popcorn in a brown grocery sack?

Drive-In Movie Sound System.Speakers at the drive in.one for your car.one for the car on the other side of you.what fun it was! Not so much fun to drive away at the end of the movie with the speaker still clipped to your window!

It had plastic coins too!

Fisher Price cash register - My mom thinks this helped me with my cash register skills today!

McDonald Land cookies!

McDonald's - McDonaldland Cookie boxes 1975 and 1972 side-by-side comparison

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