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DIY Sock Bun

Sock buns are my new obsession! Ever wonder how people get those meaty, chubby buns (in their hair, people!)? I suspect they put a sock in it! I am fully aware that I did not invent this age-old trick to give yourself an easy and fatty bun, but I decided to do a DIY video for one anyways because I t...

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Hairstyle I love and wish I knew how to do that to my hair!!!

I will never master the sock bun :(

At the breaking point, emotionally drained, stressed and feeling out of control, at wit's end?

i always put another hair tie around the bun at the end to help hold it, and to help keep its shape.

Dimensional brunette. Brown hair with light brown golden brown highlights.

bun with a bow, gotta see if peggy can make me a couple of these

Best sock bun directions...I found mine on YouTube, but this s the same. If your hair is a little damp, then you let dry in the bun you get beautiful all day curls & volume!