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  • Katie Brundage

    Fantastic bottle design, fantastic drink: Hendrick's Gin

  • Phoebe

    Hendricks Gin bottle design

  • Tony Koop

    Hendrick’s Gin uses a combination of traditional gin botanicals, like juniper berries, and untraditional botanicals, including cucumber and rose petal, to flavor the spirit.

  • Jorge Rocha

    one of my favorite gin bottles...

  • Karen O'Brien

    My guilty pleasure - a good Gin and Tonic

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Somewhere, out on the Busted Flush, while plotting his next salvage operation, Travis McGee is smiling.

Too conservative, but I like the metallic notes. That top would be a packaging nightmare.

Hendrick's Gin --- This is my favorite brand. Do I pin this under great packaging or great booze?! A pinner's dilemma!

The Brooklyn Beauty: Gin, St. Germain, Prosecco, and lemon. Add a few dashes of bitters and I'm a happy girl.

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HENDRICKS GIN &TONIC; WITH CUCUMBERS! So this should be in my favourites too.. its my go-to booze whenever wherever!

Gin - 1. 5th Gin – Water I 2. Ginself I 3. Both’s Old Tom I 4. Small’s Gin I 5. Geranium I 6. The London Gin I 7. Right Gin I 8. Broker’s Gin I 9. Aviation I 10. Tub Gin I 11. 5th Gin – Fire I 12. Death’s Door I 13. Breuckelen

I really really hate GIN, yet this could get me drinking it all day long - keep it simple guys! Nicely done...

Become a scholar of "Gin Intricacy". I love gin. I love studying things. Combine. Pour over ice. Garnish with lemon. Voila! It's a cocktail for the recently unemployed! As they say - "When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic." Or something like that.