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This powerful collection of from the groundbreaking Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task. Despite overwhelming evidence that the tests are invalid ways to measure teaching and learning and continuing signs of their unjust effects on students and teachers "reformers" and policymakers continue to force high-stakes tests into the public schools.

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Classifying Polygons Practice or Test

Free.Polygons 4 pg. All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. If your curriculum requires you to teach specific quadrilateral and triange concept...

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Teacher/Life Planner for UPPER Grades: Black & White Sophistication - Editable

Editable classroom organizer for middle and high school teachers! Black and white theme for easy printing! $

Encouragement to Keep Running the Homeschooling High School Race~ Homeschooling high school is hard. I hope there is some encouragement here for you - just the words you need to hear to keep running your race. {and HomeSchool High Link-Up #67}

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Figurative Language Worksheets {Name, Identify and Explain Method}

Ok, so your students know the names of different figurative language techniques by the time they get to Middle/High School. But can they identify them in use and then explain what they mean and why they are effective? These worksheets will help them with this process.

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Interactive Notebook: 4th Grade CCSS Measurement and Data BUNDLE

Interactive Notebook: 4th Grade Measurement and Data Bundle....107 pages of flippable, foldable fun to help students learn area and perimeter, graphing, angles, and measurement concepts. Aligned with Common Core standards in the Measurement and Data domain. $

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Bell Ringers – H.S. English Vol. 1 – Vocabulary, Grammar & Literary Terms

Start the year strong! EVERYTHING you need to keep your high school students working hard.

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Counterclaim Task Cards

Counterclaim Task Cards: In the Common Core State Standards middle and high school students are being asked to write arguments where they can also formulate a counterclaim. Many students find this difficult. To help them, it is easier to teach them to recognize counterclaim before they are asked to create it. Enclosed you will find 20 task cards. Each task card contains a paragraph that contains a claim, evidence and counterclaim. An answer key is included.