We all need parenting help from time to time. This site offers 21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child!

Raise a happy, successful, cooperative child, while disciplining less. This great is info!

Age Appropriate Chores for Children | a free printable chart from flandersfamily.info

amazing way to tell a child the truth about santa. Who ever wrote this wins at life.

Calm Down Jar - A creative approach to time-out. Child first shakes the jar to get their frustrations out, then they're asked to wait until the glitter has all settled on the bottom. That's when time-out is over. I think I need one of these...

I have to remember to do this. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo.

"caught being good"

With these guidelines, your disciplinary limits will always be appropriate and the consequences logical. This means that following through with discipline will be easier for you and will send the message to your children that you mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Give Your Child a “Safe Journal” – A Safe Place to Ask You Anything! Perfect for preteens and teens. Even the simple act of giving the journal shows your child that you're there for them no matter what. This has been AMAZING for my own daughters. Highly recommend the idea for both girls and boys! #teens #preteens #safejournal #journal #parenting #momtips #harvardhomemaker

Build in a simple predictable scehdule for long summer days. Kids like to know what to expect.

I really liked this list (a reminder that kids can do more)

Raising Our Sons to Seek After God. How can a mom encourage her boys to pursue Him?

Parents: Here's how to change your actions to fix your child's bad behavior habits in just one week.

Teach Your Child not to Interrupt in One Simple Step | An Everyday Story

cute chore chart idea

10 creative ways to make time for your kids from Inner Child Fun. These are great, simple and doable suggestions for creating quality time with the kids.

Ever wonder what to do today with your kid (s)??? Here is a list of activities based on age -- submitted by professionals -- even goes down to early infant!

Toddler Tantrums - why they happen and some ways to deal with them!

10 moms tips for letting go of anger and resentment and reconnecting with your kids

What a cute idea!!

Have an anxious child? These tips will help