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    Huang Guofu from Chongqing, China lost his arms because of an electrical shock at the age of 4, but that didn’t stop him from drawing. At age 12 he started to learn how to paint with his mouth and feet. #noexcuses

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Husband's voice calms his wife who has Alzheimer's so he recorded a message for a Build-a-Bear. This way she can hear his voice any time.


22 Amazing Fitness, Health, and Happiness TED Talks

An anthropologist proposed a game to children in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the children that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run, they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that when one could have had all the fruits for himself, they said, ‘UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad ...

! Here is a soldier in Iraq , stationed in a big sand box. He asked his wife to send him dirt ( U.S. soil), fertilizer, and some grass seed so that he can have the sweet aroma, and feel the grass grow beneath his feet. When the men of the squadron have a mission that they are going on, they take turns walking through the grass and the American soil — to bring them good luck.

A Kenyan elite runner passes water to a dehydrated disabled Chinese runner who she saw suffering. This delayed her from winning. She became 2nd in the race not only losing the 1st position but also a US$10,000 cash prize. It’s not all about winning.Gold is not only found in our land here in Africa, the best Gold in Africa is found in our hearts.

This woman is a hero!

The courage of teachers... This is an amazing write up on the job of a teacher!!!

Dove, Real Beauty Sketches Dove released its newest campaign/experiment, and it might make you re-think how you see yourself. (I WISH, we could do this in real life!).

This is a soldier reading a children's storybook to his child over Skype…

Tears. If this isn’t love I don’t know what is.

We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and give our order. While we’re aproaching our table two people come in and they go to the counter: ‘Five coffees, please. Two of them for us and three suspended’ They pay for their order, take the two and leave. I ask my friend: “What are those ‘suspended’ coffees?” My friend: “Wait for it and you will see.” Some more people enter. Two girls ask for one coffee each, pay and go. The next order was for seven coffees and it was made by th

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I want a love like this ♥ :-)

For the new year, write something you are grateful for every day. It's the healthiest thing you'll have ever done for yourself.

doing this

totally makes you pay attention to your body language. I'm all about the superwoman pose! Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are TEDGlobal 2012

15 Things Real Friends Do Differently

21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity... Seriously worth the few minutes it takes to look at them. Seriously. Do it.

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This is the best story ever. I wish there were more people like these football players - please read this! It's too cute.