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    Planning to Change the World is a plan book for educators who believe their students can and will change the world. It is designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities.



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    Some of these are above our level, but lots can be adapted for preschool age!

    classroom rules

    Organizing Your Teacher Area: A Modern Teacher

    Never judge a child. Ask yourself... Open minds & open hearts will open doors to learning.

    Management Tools for Teachers

    I was Born to Be a Teacher print from Etsy.

    End of the year letter to parents...What parent wouldn't love to get this from their child's teacher!!!!

    The Tattle Tiger

    elementary school teacher websites

    37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks. Velcro on carpet creates seating positions for your kids = brilliant!

    Beautiful End of Year Letter with variations for that personal touch. Click here to see complete list of learners ($)

    THE 30 DAY HAPPY TEACHER CHALLENGE (Free Download) - If you are trying to get a better handle on the home/school workload, feel better about your day, and just be overall a more positive and happy person - this FREE download is for you! Use this to start the new year off right, or use it for ANY month of the year!

    "Table Texting" is a fun, interactive strategy you can use to get students to talk about whatever topic they need to discuss