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Human body ingredients. Everything, every element that exists, everything we are composed of was created in the death of a star. We are literally made of star stuff.

simplified laws of science. What's interesting about this is that physicists are now theorizing that information that is taken in by a black hole is not lost as once thought. Now they are theorizing that information is conserved, but in what form or way, they are still unsure of.

Physics is the best kind of science because you don't have to grow up and stop being enthralled by all the cool stuff out there. Child-like wonder is the best tool in the scientist's arsenal.

Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking for me please!!

Lab Programs: Paul Zak ("Dr. Love") at Love Night

The Science of How Music Enchants the Brain, Animated by Maria Popova How harmony, melody, and rhythm trigger the same reward systems that drive our desires for food and sex.

Curiosity Mars Exploration - 7 minutes of terror.

Top 5 Misconceptions About Evolution - Every time I hear someone say,"It's just a theory" about evolution, I automatically think less of their intelligence...

A stopwatch on the brain's perception of time | Research by neuro-physiologists shows that our emotions affect our awareness of the passing of time