Maybe the most incredible rug, ever: world map carpets by Area Pavimenti.

wine boxes recycled as flooring - That's awesome!

Tradewinds Bedding :: #anthrofave

Paint your brick wall white, and leave some bare to make a map.


Map wallpaper.

Typographic World Map

Tons of ideas for re-purposed /up-cycling furniture. (I just like the map)


Love. Maybe I should just have a globe themed room somewhere... With a map on the wall, maybe prayer room. Focusing on areas of the world for prayer!

Sky Map Napkins from Anthropologie

Map Duvet Cover --nice, but it's Urban Outfitters. And it's Mercator, which is a silly projection to use for this purpose. I don't need that much Greenland in my decor.

world map as wallpaper


gray painted plywood plank floors I am so doing this...replacing my carpet over the concrete floor in my home gym.