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Oh, good you're sending it back. I'll get the tape. A baby in a box and a cat looking at him.

Not even remotely funny.

This isn't even remotely funny ;-) lol - This isn’t even remotely funny ;

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 21 Pics

Cat Wars for the warm spot.--My friend thought putting a heating pad under the cat house was a nice thing to do. Little did my friend know the war she had just started. To the victor, goes the warm spot.

How To Pet a Cat

so true! :) How to pet a kitty by Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal, Funny and insightful comic for cat lovers. to bad i hate cats

Overly attached kitten - Funny kitten lying behind a laptop with only the head sticking out: "Why are you on the internet looking at other cats?"

Funny pictures about Overly Attached Kitty. Oh, and cool pics about Overly Attached Kitty. Also, Overly Attached Kitty.

10 Reasons Why Cats Are A Girl’s Best Friend… EVERY MORE REASON FOR US TO GET A CAT MOM

10 Reasons Why Cats Are A Girl’s Best Friend. // 10 Reasons why I want a Kitty.

Haha! My cats dont meow though. They pounce and dig me out from under the blankets. :)

Cat prayer: Meow I lay me down to sleep I pray my bowl is full and deep. If I should rise before they wake I will start to meow make no mistake.

Does This T-Shirt Make Me Look Fat

Does this Shirt Make me Look FAT?: Cat is wearing a ping shirt Does this shirt make me look fat?