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Lol this is funny but so true at least the part that Im not drinking as much because of the calories I dont want to out into my body. Its my choice because Ive changed my lifestyle. But Im not cranky Im extremely happy with my results #Funny #Fitness #Humor

Our hoodie has your sentiments for the most important character in the movie covered. Cozy cotton/poly blend and a unisex fit reads: "I don't care who dies in a movie, as long as the dog lives."

When he wore sweatpants with a tie on Air Force One. Ronald Reagan’s 31 Most YOLO Moments

16 Life Lessons from Miss Congeniality | Her Campus

COLBERT DEMONSTRATING WHAT AMERICA’S GREATEST GIFT IS: | The 29 Most American Things That Have Ever Happened

♥ This could be my Tillie. She wags her tail against the closet door until you wake up!

The sky's awake so I'm awake. Hahaha! Love the drama! Reminds me of my sister sometimes. lol XD

My dog actually has ate my homework. :(

That sad moment when you realize that the trash goes out more than you do. #College #Humor #PostGradProblems


Wishing you lots of happiness on your birthday. And by happiness I mean for the 'ha' to be silent.

Really though.

Yes, I do have the best sister in the world... It's just that she's crazy and she scares me a little bit...

Prince George telling it like it is.

Everyone has thought this at some point ... :)



funny pictures


True true


Holiday Workout

Gotta love disney references lol

Yep! Lol!

HAHAHA. I want to meet the writers for Modern Family.