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What’s In A Name?

Article on character names and their importance.


I think I have actually read a story with these prompts

Until your dying day.

Writing Prompt -- Before death, someone vowed to "haunt you until your dying day". That person's ghost has been with you constantly for years now. This morning, however, you woke to find that the ghost was gone.

18 Tumblr Bloggers Who Should Grow Up To Be Writers

This interesting take on a seasoned fantasy character: | 18 Tumblr Bloggers Who Should Grow Up To Be Writers

How to steal from department stores. I heard of this one. Also you're supposed to be able to block out some of the magnetism with foil. Or just burn through the tag with a lighter in the dressing room.

Guys why was this labeled as 'picked for you' for me?

Ettan som början på nån som inte KAN dö? Men pga action (inga förklaringar) vet man inte det, först?