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What a little sweetie! Love black cats & kittens, they bring good luck & love ♥

i don't even like cats that much, but this is freaking cute. it looks like the cat off of shrek :)

I want a kitten that never grows up. i know people that are waaayyy less cute then this

Literally chuckling out loud to myself at this one. Megan Ward Ward Spanitz I'm getting you a tee-shirt like this!

Soft little charming kitty! Who wouldn't reach down and cup it's cute little head in their hand for a pet?

Cat playing a banjo cabinet card. From the flickr page - "I believe the photographer is Louis De Ribas, a Boston photographer who patented a drop shutter in 1887."

It's the ineffable and impenetrable mystery of cats. Cope, or don't.

#Cats. I don't care who sees! When I say come straight home, I mean straight home!

On joue à Chat perché au crepuscule... by serguei_30, via Flickr