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Pentax Optio WG-2 Digital Camera with GPS (Orange) with Deluxe Accessory Kit

PENTAX Announces Availability of New Optio and Optio GPS Digital Cameras Tried and true adventure camera series now waterproof to 40 feet and features new backlit 16 MP sensor, video, and six LED lights for extreme macro photography Unique body design

Base camp water filtration systems

MSR- Come in to Benchmark and check out the Hubba Series, one person, two person, and three person tents!

Touch Sight Camera

"Touch Sight" Camera - digital camera for the visually impaired - has a lightweight, flexible Braille display sheet which displays a image by embossing the surface


The ArkCanary II amplifies the iPhone's existing speaker using archaic technology.

Solar charge your iPhone while it's at your touch!

On/off the Wall – iPhone Dock by Benjamin Helle

Champion Women's Absolute Workout Legging *** This is an Amazon Affiliate link. You can get more details by clicking on the image.

Champion Women's Absolute Workout Legging >>> You can get more details by clicking on the image.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, 'John's Phone' only makes calls

The anti-iPhone: World's simplest mobile that only lets you make calls

OMG! Maybe this would keep me from killing so many plant?! (@Crystal Timbeross I know you'd geek out over this too!)

Wi-Fi Sensor Tells You When To Water Your Plants

The Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor seems to cater for quite a specific market - wealthy and inept gardeners. The sensor measures moisture, light.

New Cookware | Williams-Sonoma

New Cookware | Williams-Sonoma

need I say more

Shop Williams-Sonoma's full selection of Mauviel copper cookware, including Mauviel copper pots and Mauviel copper pans.

Check out the Metal Cordies from Quirky.com

Cordies is a cable organization product, it keeps all of your cables organized and weighted down: phone chargers, digital camera cords, audio cables, whatever isn not in use but should not be flopping around. Metal Cordies is made of sleek metal with

Spiral Drink Holder...at $70 way too expensive, but cool idea.

Spiral Drink Holder

Handy Holder Stainless Steel Beverage Can Holder for Outdoor Dining. works great for the beach & picnics.

Huichol Indian beaded bull skull www.peyotepeople.com

Huichol Indian beaded bull skull www.peyotepeople.com