Neverending story

set dreamtime to dream in 5th dimensional dreamspace. move past lower 4th dimension where nightmares live and work up through 4 1/2 and try to reach this 5th dimensional space.

Love this picture!

There is another way to look at things...maybe three other ways...keep looking and believe it's there and you'll find it.

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Black and White drama inspiration

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What a clever idea!

Homelessness is an isolating and destructive experience; and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.

Oh, awesome. It looks like a gridded beauty dish or maybe a hot light directly overhead with the subject slightly in front. So gorgeous.

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Saw this yesterday at the Stephen Bulgar Gallery.Amazing show! I love her! Vivian Maier Self-portrait

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Robert Maschke.. the shadows!

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K & CON at the library together