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Iron Giant - Choose who you want to be! #Laputa AWESOMENESS!!! by: Ian McQue

Steampunk Tendencies | New Illustration by Antonio Caparo #Digitalart #Illustration #Steampunk

The Drowned Ball : Gemini and Scorpio - by Kurt Huggins (teeteing bulb)

City in which the M. Consortium building lies

Steampunk airships or zepplins as a form of alternative airfare vehicles on the planet, they would populate the sky rather than boring planes

"Biggest city in the world, you're gonna dig up some hellish shit if you go looking." -Peyton 'Pepper'

Want this as a tat, but instead of a man but a cat. So I have all the things I love in one tat. Sun (Ethan), Moon (Chris), and Cats :)

Steampunk Tendencies | Didier Graffet #Steampunk #Airship

Awesome Digital Portraits by Aly Fell (Reminds me of the movie La Puta/ Castle in the sky)

The steampunk robot Boilerplate, and dieselpunk anti-heroine Barbarossa, fight off T-Rex dinosaurs with MP-40 machine guns on a lava planet....

:: Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon ::