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Phoebe Wahl

Phoebe Wahl


"Forest Carols" Phoebe Wahl 2013.

Phoebe Wahl

Phoebe Wahl

mamma. Phoebe Wahl

Phoebe Wahl - "In The Flowers" Watercolor, colored pencil & collage. 2013.

THIS IS GOODY WITCH! a new character. Phoebe Wahl

"The Gnome’s Home" Phoebe Wahl 2013 Watercolor, collage & colored pencil.

Amanda White Monks House and the Writing Hut

-- PHOEBE WAHL --I love watercolor paintings. Beautiful.

Illustration My Lovely Thing tout en douceur

by Phoebe Wahl

Olga Demidova

-- PHOEBE WAHL --: new illustration

Wandering Through Spring - Phoebe Wahl

Kristin Sorra. USA

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Ellen Dittebrandt; Acrylic, 2004, Painting "Blue cool Creek" Once again, the magic of painted water!