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love this!- Pick out 5 each day for a weeks worth of excersizing, so you work different muscle groups each day. At the end of the week, put them all back in for the next week.

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

The 25 Best Exercises to Tone Your Abs (and None of the Moves Are Crunches)

20 ways to work your abs without crunches

my weight loss rewards. i started a blog to record my journey to a new, better, and happier me. :)


These Are the Moves For Insanely Cut Abs

I remember how easy this was to do back in the day for me, time to get it in again!!!

a diagram of the body - you click on the area you want to tone and it gives you a list of exercises - this is handy

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

Change the Way You Do the Plank For a Six-Pack, Fast

Pressing through an elbow plank with palms facing down will help keep back muscles engaged and clasping hands together in a fist will enlist...

Workout tip jar. After each workout, tip yourself $1. After 100 workouts, treat yourself to new shoes or clothes or massage... BEST IDEA EVER! :)

cool website! you click on the body part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

Awesome Abs without Crunches: these moves work the transversus abdominis (deeper muscles that wrap around your trunk) as well as the obliques along your sides. Translation: a tinier waist, a flatter middle and sexy definition—fast!

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Healthy Bean Salad

do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned... all you need is a wall.