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it's so tiny and cute and adorable! :) To small to be alone ! I would take him or her I have a cat that looks like this one: Animals, Cupcake, Tops, Black Cats, Kittens, Top Hats, Kitty, Blackcat

Before Social Security, nearly half of our seniors lived in poverty. Today, less than 9% live in poverty. Why do Republicans want to cut Social Security when it has been so effective? Vote BERNIE SANDERS in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BernieSanders #FeelTheBern #StandTogether #OccupyDemocracy #PoliticalRevolution #DemocraticSocialism #NotMeUs #Cats #Kittens #Kitty #Progressive #SocialSecurity

This is Venus, she's a Chimera cat and technically, her own twin! She's the result of four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or two embryos fused together). The two separate organisms had already started to develop, so that's why some features of both remained in this one amazing kitty! FREAKING SWEEEET!!!!

Having a bad day? Not anymore. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. How mama stops a nightmare. Makes me melt no matter how many times I watch it.