• Grace Lin

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Kit Harington

images of andy biersack 2014 beard | Andy Biersack Instagram 201 omg he looks like an angel

#HotTopicBiersack if you don't know what that's from what are you doing with your life

Andy Biersack

Beard: check, manbun: check, weaponry: check, top shape: check tattoos: check....Wowza Mark Wahlberg

daniel conn | my choice for Travis Maddox in Beautiful Disaster. Perfect sense of danger and sweetness. Yum.

Model: Louis Allen, III | "Click on the link which will direct you to a total of 24 FABULICIOUS photos!" -LJ

Daniel Conn - hunky ! ! Lots of nice work on him... MindyPollack.com OR ILoveTattos.com

Click the pic to go though to the respect point tally on RespectPoint. Thanks RespectDirectioners ♥ Zayn Malik Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Liam Payne ♥

#travelcolorfully cary grant in 'north by northwest' / 1959

Heath Ledger

Jessie Williams :)

Leonardo Dicaprio - not my favorite guy, but this is a good shot! Look at his eyes! (He looks kind of evil).

Zac Efron

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) - Always had a thing for the bad boy...with the good heart.

Chris Pine - I Love When Hot Men Wear Glasses.....the Nerd Look Is So Good On Them ?

Gerard Butler

Taylor Lautner. . . I would definately marry him, if he wasnt so much older than me. haha

Chris Cornell

Will Grant

Adam Scott // personality trumps looks in this one ... but this is a killer photo! He's so brilliant in Parks and Rec...you have to be missing ovaries to not swoon over him. SO delicious.

Patrick Dempsey.