tattoo by Yanina Viland watercolour birds

Bird watercolour tattoo

"BEAUTIFUL" Bird Tattoo


lotus tattoo

poppy tattoo

I've never ever liked butterfly tattoos but I like this black and white monarch butterfly one.

Tattoo. love the shading

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I love those shoes!!! I know this pin is sposed to be more about the foot tattoo but those are over rated and they hurt..... I want the shoes!!!!!!

watercolor tattoo | Tumblr

gold ink tattoo... Love this !!!!!

Watercolour Tattoo Idea

Love this watercolor tattoo

watercolor tattoo

Infinity sign- feathers, birds, love + family

.Bird origami // Watercolour.

bird tattoo, back tattoo, shoulder tattoo

I saw a girl working in the apple store with one of theses, it was pretty sick