{The Goodnight Girl: it is a wild world indeed. i will be telling my daughters #paige #petals when they come into this wild world. #TGG}



Enjoy today. #inspiration #quotes #advice

Beyonce - Diva

How empowering is this statement? I am the creator of my destiny. But along with that, I am the creator of everything in my life....the good and the bad. The dark and the light. I am responsible for it all. And therefore, I have the power to change it.

Make the world awesome.

Life is tricky, baby. Stay in your magic. #wisdom #affirmations #inspiration

this was a home run hitter this week as I made some pretty important decisions but everyone I talked to reminded me that whatever I may do I needed to make sure it would make me happy not everyone around me just simply me and I'm glad about the choice I made.

Women who made it in a world of men deserve a round of applause every now and then. So let’s

{slow the world down}

Ephesians 1:11 ✅

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What would Beyonce do?

I've been emphasizing my unicorn-mermaid-girly side with this board, which is part of my inner princess. But that girl who loved magical things also never doubted that she could save a prince.