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    Do all things with love. She did nothing with love but with hate and revenge on her past j guess and all those she thinks did her wrong. No thought that she may be wrong of course everybody else is tho.

    I dream of you in colors that don't exist by Olivia Steele.....if only you knew how much you meant to much I loved badly I wanted to spend every moment of my life intertwined in your arms....if only you knew...}!{

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    so me!

    "Never so 'No' to adventure. Always say 'Yes'. Otherwise you'll lead a very dull life." Ian Flemming. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. {Kathleen*}

    This is so true, God's Grace is seriously bigger than all of us, and when a person -who deserves condemnation for all their sin- is shown Grace, acceptence, love from the creator of the universe, it suddenly changes your life.

    I am so grateful for the wonderful husband,children, friends and family! Our love and unity is such a blessing <3

    Things can change. Yep. Now I'm mean,disingenuous, and ready to call bullshit. There will be no more thoughtfulness, complements and caring. Just vengeance towards men in general. I will be constantly nagging, questioning whereabouts, and money hungry. Men apparently like that shit, and if they don't too bad. Truth About Dumb Inspirational Quotes

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    Keep the faith!

    Everything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso Quote #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday / Insight <3

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    one of my life philosophies . . . always a work in progress;?

    James to Sadie after the kiss

    Putting it out into the Universe. .. You're welcome =) Positive Quotes : theBERRY

    and so is this one. and this one. and . . . • keri smith

    Say Yes

    I am aligned with beauty. I am infinite power. I am kind to all beings. I am capable and responsible. I am peaceful and prosperous.

    .... they got up to leave while i was still waiting, and i told them to "have a good day!". the old man responded with full sincerity and sweetness- "every day is a good day". the thing is, i know he meant it. whatever might come at him, he's able to fully appreciate each of his days on this planet, to see the big picture- that even life's most brutal lessons are gift.