Yes it will!

So true! Whether your path be adoption or pregnancy, the only way you are sure to fail is if you cease trying. It is hard. It is painful. Some days you feel like you can't go on. Keep going. Your family awaits. Those of us who have made it to the other side are rooting you on! fertility infertility

YES! And remember - what makes your soul happy might not make someone else's soul happy, so don't judge them for what they do or do not do.

For all my fellow writers out there (especially the ones who are holding down day jobs as they write!). :)

THIS marks the beginning of my life. the true beginning. I've thrown away all my blades and found someone who will love me for who i am, not for who they thought i was. I'm striving to be happier. i want you to try too.


.You are so...

Pretty Things...

Alice aux pays des merveilles

Amazing things will happen. www.suitablegifts.com #inspiration #quotes #motivation #meditation #yoga #spirituality #gratitude #wisdom #affirmations

revelry in life

trust / madness..


If I was a perfectionist, I would never get anything done. I would have no business, I would have no life. I would be wondering. waiting. hoping. and fidgeting. Instead, I know what I create can never be what I hope, it will be its own thing- it will be real.

THURSDAY THOUGHT: Happy Thursday! Stay true to yourself. #beyou #thursdaythought #happythoughts #goodquote #motivational

be here now.

Most days, today being one of many. Down Home alone on a beautiful Saturday with a beautiful sunset last night and again tonight.

Good Things

Hold on to whatever keeps you warm inside #quote #whatever #keeps #you #warm #inside #reason #life