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"I love this. Find someone who is willing to give you everything, and someone you'd give everything to. But know that without anyone, you still have everything in the palm of your hands. The strongest power you possess is the ability to create for yourself, it'd be a shame to never learn it due to your surroundings."

I Know You're Scared Right Now, Maybe You Miss Someone, Maybe Your Heart Hurts A Little Or A Lot Or Maybe You're Not Quite SUre Of Who You Are Or What You Want. But That Feeling You Want Back, The One Where It Doesn't Seem Like The Whole World Is Against You. It's Still Here, It Never Really Left You And One Day You Will Realise That The Only Person Who Can Find It Again Is You.


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Yes and then what happens when this person in time turns around and hurts you after years and years of thinking they would NEVER DO SO??

be with someone who can't stay mad at you, who can't stand not talking to you, who is scared to lose you.

The only guy who deserves you, is the one who thinks he doesn't. Mon amour, we deserve each other..

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I really have tried to do the right things. With you everything feels place. Its taken so many years to find the one person that makes me feel whole. I'm crazy about you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so me. I won't change who I am but I can change how I will let other lack of care, compassion and closeness from those I would except it from the most.......hurt me

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Quote: You Deserve A Willing Love

Agreed. Can't wait to find it.