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    But seriously.

    Best Beyonce Quotes - Inspiring Celebrity Quotes - Marie Claire

    Women without confidence mistake it for arrogance. I ❤ myself I know exactly what I am, what I have what I'm worth.

    ...and that IS me baby!

    Daily Encouragement For Women - Fitness For Women by Flavia Del Monte

    i apologize for the suggested cursing, but I have very few regrets, although I feel that the world wants apologies

    Touché Beyoncé

    #beyonce #diva pretty much was my repeated song of 2009 or whenever it came out. That was my theme song. STOP THE TRAAACK LET ME STATE FACTS! TOLD YOU GIMME A MINUTE AND I'D BE RIGHT BAAAACK!

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Life Lessons

    Since I can't be, I'll let Elizabeth just keep her job.She's done very well & at least I don't have to attend all those pesky public functions with the rubber chicken dinners! (Although I would like to borrow some of her jewelry- I don't think she'd even miss a few pieces here & there!)

    You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it! | 27 Simple Ways To Get Your Shit Together

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    #GQ #Beyonce #Quotes You Don't Tell Me Who I am...I'll Tell You Who I am!!!MiMi...Right on BEY :)

    make them count.

    UHU never ever fight over a guy/ girl it's not worth the drama. I've cried for years over my ex bf, but after seriously thinking about it I realized he wasn't worth any of my tears and damn right the other girl can have him! :-D

    YES! | #AmazingPerspective Inspiration

    "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." - Oprah Winfrey. Such a great quote!

    Well Said Robin Williams!