Polly Ann Ice Cream in San Francisco. Founded in 1955 it is by far one of the best ice cream shops around. They have unique flavors such as lychee, cantaloupe and my favorite- black licorice!

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

Golden Gate, San Francisco CA

Beutiful San Francisco

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Striped iceberg WOW. Antarctica

'a[maze] of solitude' "My first experience in Spanish lost places. I really loved this place, especially this unique staircase..." (Sven Fennema/boundlessmind.flickr.) Photo taken July 6, 2011

Napa's Oxbow Public Market..a fav.

Ice Cream

Would love to visit Miette bakery in San Francisco someday! I'm currently baking my way through their cookbook =)

Toast from Trouble Coffee Company - Outer Sunset, SF

Star Bakery

old neon signs

Off the Grid: SF food trucks

Tower Bridge in London, England. London is clearly a place that's great for tourism. Somehow, it is never my first choice...ANN #ANNJANEcomingsoon

Jug Handle Beach, Mendocino, California this is where the Murder She Wrote home is and where the water scenes were from on the show.

Tennevik River,Troms, Norway

Horsetail Fall in California flows only in winter and spring. Most days of its “life” this fall has a regular color. But every February, just for a couple of days, this fall turns into the fire. Lit by the sun, Horsetail Fall reflects orange and red rays.

The locksmith in Germany...how cool!