Southern Girls Do It Better

I don't ride on the crazy train. I drive it.

So true :)


So true.


So true

This is true.

Hey ive tried. But,when you cant keep a single friend for more than a year...and, like communism-you can only bully your bf as long as you can keep him isolated...whats the point? Everyone else knows dumby. U better Really try n get that back


STRANGERS think I'm quiet. MY FRIENDS think I'm outgoing. MY BEST FRIENDS know that I'm completely insane.

Couldn't have said it better myself...


ahahha true story

It's true!

it's true.

so true haha!

pretty much

I hate it when people get all worked up about cursing. Bitches better be glad my abuse is only verbal and not physical. #ecards

True fact!

I can't be your friend if... E-card