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from Retro Planet

I Reckon So Speech Bubble Wall Decal

"I Reckon So"-- i can just hear my Aunt Edna saying this now I say it; it reminds me of old English.


Sense Bumper Bumper Sticker

What my mom used to say when we were being silly or exemplifying questionable behavior.

from Etsy

Keep Calm and Sing Along - Dr. Horrible

Ohmygosh I've had Jason Aldean's new song stuck in my head all day...finally get it out then I see this! Least its a good song :D

It's just how I talk...not an indication of how intelligent I am thank you...University Educated, not ignorant...just southern, silly and a kid at heart and known to sporadically have spasms of super goofiness...hehehe yep that'd be me