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The Coleman Instant 8 Person Two Room Tent has been receiving rave reviews in the USA & Canada. If you're tired of tents that promise a quick setup, but still have you puzzling over the shock-corded poles 10 minutes in then you should check the Coleman Instant 8 Person Two Room Tent, a tent which can be assembled and collapsed in one minute or less.

Camping tip..Keep your cooler cold without the slushy water. Fill a gallon or half gallon jug with water. add 1/4 cup table salt to the gallon or 1/8 cup to a half gallon . leave an inch of room at the top of the jug for expansion and freeze. place in your cooler instead of an ice bag,,

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Warm a rock and put it in a sock. Place it in your sleeping bag to keep your feet nice and toasty. I am so doing this next time I go camping!

8 Things You Need For Camping That You Might Forget : such as this diy paper towel holder made out a plastic crate with a rod through the middle... keeps paper towels from blowing away or falling on the ground!

ID Badge clips make it easy...and cheap, to attach your novelty camping lights. 12 for under $2.00 at office supply stores or Walmart. See thousands of more tips on our BOUND4BURLINGAME Pinterest Boards and Facebook page.

Glamping porta potty / outhouse - there's nothing like having a few of the conveniences of home in a potty tent. Brilliant idea!

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