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    Why YES! Smiling was possible! c. 1850’s, [daguerreotype portrait of a smiling gentleman] via the Daguerreian Society, Julian Wolff Collection

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    Photos Of Victorians Smiling

    1850’s, daguerreotype portrait of two gentlemen; one assertively leaning on the shorter of the two

    ca. 1850’s, [daguerreotype portrait of a casually posed gentleman in a white suit], William and Frederick Langenheim via the Daguerreian Society, Jack Naylor Collection

    Time travel will be invented in the year 2025. How do we know? Because that is the year that this delightful lady claimed to have traveled from. In the year 1898, according the contemporary reports, Alexandria Alexis appeared 'as if from nowhere' and took New York society by storm. Some fawned over her while others claimed she was insane. This debate was however rendered moot when, on New Year's Eve 1899, she simply disappeared...

    1860's wedding photo

    ca. 1850’s, [Daguerreotype portrait of a Scotsman wearing ethnic costume] via the Daguerreian Society, Greg French Collections

    Studio portrait

    ca. 1850-60’s, “Old Peter-A slave escaped to home of Slater Brown, supposed to be nearly 100 years old," [daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman] via the Daguerreian Society, Greg French Collection

    Four year old "Teddie" Theodore Roosevelt in 1862.

    Occupation: Carpenter/wood worker posed with tools. ca. 1850. via the Daguerreian Society, Leonard A. Walle Collection

    Portrait of a (very) young dandy

    Occupational Portrait of a latch maker - 1850

    1850 daguerreotype

    portrait of a young woman, c. 1850's

    chubachus: Daguerreotype portrait of a book or newspaper editor, c. 1855. Source. More information.

    ca. 1850’s, [daguerreotype portrait of two gentlemen in white beaver fur hats posed, shaking hands] via the Daguerreian Society, Mark Koenigsberg Collection

    ca. 1855, [daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman looking at a daguerreotype] via the Smithsonian Institute, Smithsonian American Art Museum Collection

    Even being a shop clerk was cooler in the past... 1850’s daguerreotype portrait

    fashionable gentleman in a paisley smoking jacket -1850

    1/9th plate daguerreotype. Removing the matte that originally encircled the portrait of the child revealed the lovely hidden mother, unseen since the day of framing.