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    Brilliant overview of the history of climate (paleoclimatology) and what we can do about today's warming...written by 12th grader Zev Brook. | Scientific American

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      Foraminifera like this one are at the base of the ocean's food chains — and are highly susceptible to climate change. But wait, there's more to the story as fossil record shows there can be a crash in ocean productivity that has ramifications for productivity and survival of species on land as well. Photomicrograph by Scott Fay. 20130717 Scientific American and article by a student!

    • Cora Foerstner

      Zev Brook, the author of this blog post, is a 12th grader. I love it when kids step up to the plate and strut their stuff. "How to Survive a Climate Catastrophe"

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      Ideas of reference and delusions of reference - Spoken Description

    • Scripps Oceanography

      Mariana Trench Life Forms More Diverse Than you Might Imagine

    • Mary Frances Rogers

      Live Ammonia tepida (Rotaliida)

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    Night launches were always the best. Never regret living in Titusville!

    Reentry | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Image represents a futuristic feeling or mood associated with the relaxing and healing aura of our universe..

    Eyeballs and Nebulas... We are all made of stars....

    A sky area near the Chamaeleon I complex of bright nebulae and hot stars in the constellation of the same name, close to the southern celestial pole.This picture was taken a few days before the inauguration of the Paranal observatory and its "hand-over" to the astronomers on April 1, 1999.