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    confetti snow globe

  • Tanu Lee

    DIY sparkle jars

  • Beth Sasser-Daughtridge

    (100+) Crafts | Tumblr

  • Whitney

    *Recycled glass jar with tight-fitting lid *Waterproof contents: (buttons, bouncy balls, glitter, and small plastic animals work well) *Hot glue gun *Fabric and string to cover top 1. Put treasure in jar and then squirt in baby oil to fill. 2. Line inside rim of jar with hot glue and screw on. 3. Fill outside ridge between top and jar with hot glue, to be sure no oil will escape. 4.Cover top with fabric and tie with string.

  • Lindsay Lail

    Glitter Jars

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diy glitter jars. Made these today at the Homeschool Girls club that I lead. They turned out good. We are going to fill them with candy and give them away as door prizes for the moms at our Homeschool Valentine Party. We will use a few of them as a Candy guessing jar. :)

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