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  • Mysha Lovell

    -gosh I miss you.... i miss you too, honey!! i feel such a high when i'm with you!!! you stimulate me in soooooo many different ways!!! :)

  • Rhandi

    what I think everyday about my friends and family back home! SURVIVAL MODE!

  • Will and Probate Co. Ltd

    I miss you more than I've ever missed anything or anyone... #love #missyou #life #willandprobate #probate

  • Emily

    Best Love Quotes & Images. For More Visit

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I miss you #love Notice there is nothing else listed

Spent all day with Corrie and even with my relaxing night after all the craziness at my moms house, I could really go for being in his arms right now. Cannot wait for him to be home at nights this weekend so we can go on our date in my pretty dress and cuddle the night away ^_^

for one hour in the middle of the night, two nights ago, everyone i loved from greensboro was in my kitchen. it was like a bizarre dream, but real. suddenly they were gone and i was sitting alone in my kitchen at 6am surrounded by empty coffee cups, and i started to cry.

Come here so i can love you................awww sounds like something my special someone would say

I can relate to this alot each moment that u left earth I miss hearing ur voice, ur silly laugh, ur smell would drive me nuts and miss those moments in time and wished I could see u again Stinky butt. I miss those brown eyes.

This is the most accurate quote of how I feel about you, and us, and this love, Bee. ♥

We Could All Use Some Good Feels This Week

I'm crying. This is how our Marines honor each other with respect. How does the president honor them...cutting or stopping their pay. Think About It!!!

Decide what kind of day it's gonna be. And it's almost always "a good day to have a good day"

2 Corinthians 12:9 ... so LOVE this! memorized this verse when I was a new mom to a newborn....