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At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. --- (dictionary art vintage print/inspirational by ExLibrisJournals / Etsy).

Life unfolding before you, by you.

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage - Quote.

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Can I write this on a brick and throw it at someone's face?/// <<<Bahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! Not my quote but sooo TRUE xD! April 13, 2017.

The power of no! Things to know about life: "NO" is a complete sentence. It does not require justification or explanation. Some people have a difficult time saying No. Practice makes perfect.

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"When it is all finished, you will discover it was NEVER random." ♥ Looking back it's easy to connect the dots and see where God was leading you.

This is not good-bye...

This is not good-bye...

"Suddenly you just know it's time to start something new & trust the magic of new beginnings." Hope and faith! Inspirational quotes and gifts for encouragement.

Nuevo año, nuevo look!

Nuevo año, nuevo look!

Quotes About Moving On:La Dolce Vita: This Week's Quote: Wise Words for the New Year - Quotes Daily

That Kind Of Woman

How I wish more people would pick adventure!

train your mind

Train your mind. For some positive thinking does not come naturally. One should 'train' to be an optimistic.

Positive thinking can change any experience. You make the choices you make and you have to accept them and still find happiness.

"I'll look back on this and smile, because this was life and I decided to live it." you regret what you didn't do more than what you did, live life like it was supposed to be

What if?

Stop asking yourself what if you can't do it, and instead as yourself what if you can? What if you can write a bestselling novel? What if you can accomplish your dream to be a published writer? If you're willing to work for it, you can.

The Autism Helper - How to Deal with the Hard Days

Keep Your Head Up {Getting Through the Hard Days

Best, then better Maya Angelou quote

One day at a time I am going to learn to stop overanalyzing everything.

we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you're set. If only others got the message that it's that simple.

hey you don't give up okay - Google Search

good thing cause thats all i got right now--screaming &crying

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Don't give up!  Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness...or any type of pain. It's not fun - but never give up!!!!

Daniel in the Lion’s Den – How it Foretold Christ’s Crucifixion