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Perhaps the most impressive gift canine assistant dogs provide is social rather than physical. When asked by a reporter what she liked most about her service dog, one recipient responded, "My dog makes my wheelchair disappear."

As dogs get elderly and arthritis or other hip challenges increase, a DIY dog wheelchair might help you extend your dog's life. This is a valuable resource with plans available via the link.

Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been living with dogs with disabilities for 20 years. Our own dogs, together with the hundreds of disabled dogs whom we have personally measured and fitted in their carts each year, have been our inspiration. They have taught us how to meet the challenges of providing our disabled soul companions with the equipment and the care they need to lead a “dog’s life”.

Endal the Labrador was voted Dog of the Millennium and given the PDSA's coveted Gold Medal for saving his master Allen Parton's life in 2001 after he had been knocked from his wheelchair by a car. Endal dragged his owner into the recovery position, pulled a blanket over him and ran to a hotel barking for help. He's seen here at the grave of Simon the cat at the re-opening of the PDSA Animal Cemetery in Ilford.


Human kindness…

If only all people helped animals

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Sadistic thug, 19, beat his terrified dogs every day until one of them suffered broken ribs and lost an eye

Poor Biggie. Abused by his owner over and over. I think that animal abusers should suffer the same consequences as if it were a human victim. poor baby

Pit Bull’s jaws do not lock, they do not have the most powerful bite among dogs (Rottweilers have that honor) they are not naturally human aggressive (in fact pit bull puppies prefer human company to their mother’s two weeks before all other dogs), and they feel as much pain as any other breed (accidentally step on one’s toe and you’ll see).

1)Looking to help animals in dogs shelter in as many ways i can to get them adopted and keep them happy (regular basis) 2)Help injured/rescued animals & do volunteer work in overseas on regular basis 3) Help the mistreated animals/ do whatever things i can do to stop animals abuse & cruelty/ and promote kindness towards animals (eg. Via social media or volunteer) 4) Help those dogs involved in korea meat trade

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

Owners offer tips on caring for pets with special needs

Pet owners talk about caring for pets with special needs, dog wheelchairs, therapy and other supports...

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

'Bionic dog' walks on 4 prosthetic paws

Nakio lost his paws to frostbite as a puppy, but thanks to his bionic limbs, he gets around just fine.


A dog's seeing eye dog.

Lily a 6 year old great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became... disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesnt stumble over anything.