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Diezel the Bull Terrier

All together now: awww!

God bless Vet Techs !


Hi my name is Lucy! I've was rescued from the streets of Bogota, Colombia and lived in a foster home over there for about 6 months before coming to the U.S. Prior to my rescue I was beaten by my former owner so badly that my nose and jaw were broken. Both body parts have already healed, but since they never set properly this gave me uniquely good looks and character. What do you think? Unfortunately not much can be done about my face unless they break the bones and reset them again, not sure...


Vintage Pit Bull


As dogs get elderly and arthritis or other hip challenges increase, a DIY dog wheelchair might help you extend your dog's life. This is a valuable resource with plans available via the link.


How to Build a Wheelchair for Your Dog. I need to maKe this for one of my foster puppies!!!!

Wonderful, heartwarming story

PVC Dog Cot Tutorial -

Pit Bull :)

Pit Bull

pit bull

Pit bull love

Vintage Baby and Pit Bull