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Was the caption a reference from Zenon? "Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom, my super nova girl" Either way, new workout playlist, now gotta start the workout...

Motivation Wall this would be good on the inside of my closet or cabinet doors at school... without the bad words :)

Notes on Lifestyle by Georgina: How to Stay Motivated During Winter: Fitness Edition

Workout Songs- don't like some of these, but I wanted to share in case you were looking for some good running beats or good fitness class music with 132 bpm

Pump up your workout with the Top Motivating Workout Songs!

Portion control packing ideas! (good idea for packing mini-meals...sub GP friendly options)

Top 50 Workout Songs. How many songs do you go through during one workout?

workout music -I do want to test this first - I hardly recognise any of these songs! But I do need motivation for a work out, so I figure if someone went to the effort of making a fancy sign they must be good

Workout playlist ! Im excited, I have been using this new product I saw on Pinterest. I am already 22 pounds lighter! Check out the PIN here

100 Best Workout Songs Click the website link to see how I lost 21 pounds in one month with free trials